The Charles River: Summer 2017 

The Charles River: Summer 2017 

The Charles River (formally known as Blue Nights) is an album chronicling a single night's walk through the streets of Boston. Throughout the course of 10 songs, its narrator finds the interconnectedness of the human experience in various stages of disassociation. On a less abstract level, these songs have traveled, morphed, and reflected my day-to-day in ways nothing is able to. I'm extraordinarily nervous about "getting it right", but also ready to move on into the next stage. With the support of last year's Indiegogo campaign, I've been able to take my time in the studio and with the musicians to get the amount of nuance needed. I hope you are able to take this journey with me with open ears and an open heart. 


Blue Nights Album Updates 

Hello All!

As you can see above, album artwork is being diligently planned and orchestrated by myself and artist Stephanie Burgos-Rodriguez. The new goal is to pull in influences of the great graphic novelists of the early 90's and 00's to the forefront, meaning I'll be drawing the album's cover and artwork this time around with a cartoony feel. Stay tuned! 

As of late, I've been focusing primarily on string arrangements (with composer/cellist extraordinaire Carolyn Regula) and working with the drummer (Felix Nicholson) when I SHOULD be focused on lyric writing. Still two songs left that are mostly lyric-less and groove/melody based. But that never comes easy to me, so I'm looking to take this oddly free week to nail them down. 

Sending love and light to everyone,

Previous events

Tristan Bouchard at the PA Lounge

PA's Lounge, Somerville, MA

Mark your calendars! Though I really am playing on June 9th - my set basically goes until midnight. Bring sleeping bags. I'll sing lullabies. Lullabies of trauma. Mwah. 21+. $7 cover.

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