“It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been playing, or how long I’ll labor over a particular song,” says Bouchard. “I’ll always feel like an imposter on some level”. This general attitude however comes in strict contrast to his well-received first EP, Little Nights released last April. 

Tristan Bouchard was born in Albany, NY, one of five children. “And I was the only musical one. We didn’t have music in our house. The piano was a decoration more or less until I began taking it seriously. I would get on my tiptoes during commercials to play the Kit-Kat theme song and would drive everyone nuts when it stopped being cute." And in regards to his current relationship with the piano: "It's provided the longest, steadiest, and healthiest relationship of my life. It's the only area, the only tool in my life with which I make no mistakes.” 

After moving to Boston to study music at Boston University, Tristan drifted into a bitter period of seclusion and angst that now stands in stark contrast to his present and admittedly manic demeanor. “I locked myself in practice rooms, and hardly talked to anyone for years. And most of the songs on the upcoming album were written in that space.” 

With a style that can be compared to what it would sound like if Cole Porter sang the lyrics to a Fiona Apple song, Tristan explains that he tries to make each song “like a short story or film. The biggest compliment is hearing that a song makes people see pictures in their head. It means the song is more than my experience; it's malleable enough to move someone into their own imaginative space.” 

Tristan plans on recording his debut LP Blue Nights within the next year.

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