Blue Nights

My dear friends, 

About two weeks ago, I dropped the hard drive containing the master copy of Blue Nights.  

I'll admit, it was a major setback in a project rife with plenty of minor annoyances. I'm now entering the tenth year working on this project, and third year from the launch of the fundraiser. Since then, the album has maintained its narrative arch (The Inferno is a major player here), but a new twist (the Disney film Pinocchio of all things) introduced itself at the last minute, resulting in an entirely new song replacing an old one. I've maintained a soft grip on my attachment to these kind of things. 

But too soft a grip on my hard drive.  

Ahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahhaha talk about an album drop!!!!  

That was the largest font I could find; my inclination was to make that bigger. Regardless, the last two months were spent doing final mixes on the heavier songs, albeit without lead vocals. In fact, lead vocals were all that was left to do on most of the songs, meaning, yes, the album was just about finished. 


After a panicked text to my co-producer Alex, I remembered a day in September we spent transferring files to his computer.  

And there they were. Unmixed, and without effects (of which I labored on for hours on end... but again... non-attachment is a virtue, right?), but (mostly) everything was there.  

If anything, and bear with me for some corny musings, it made me realize the fragility of the creative process in general. Losing everything, if only for a moment, forced me to reckon with the sheer length of time I've spent working on this beast. Have I been tinkering around with pointless details? Am I not seeing the forest for the trees?  

Short answer is "yes". The long answer is "YESSSSSSSSSSSS, yes, oh yes, you absolutely have, you absolute buffoon".  

This weekend will be spent remixing these tracks. I will not be touching them again.  

I intend to throw a large party in our new apartment and move on with the next project (it already has a title and four songs...) You are all invited. 

Blue Nights is on its way.  

In the meantime, I've been uploading iPhone demos onto Soundcloud for your perusal! 

I can't emphasize how incredible your continued support and patience has been through this project- a sentence I must have written about 50 times now. It's still true.  

I'm recruiting volunteers for a shadow puppet project. Give me a holler if you are handy with an X-Acto blade and have some spare cardboard lying around. 

Love to each and every one of you, 

PS: Some irony- I've decided to use the sound of the broken hard drive attempting to start itself up in a song on Blue Nights that deals with faulty memory. I can't begin to tell you how many of those details have made it onto the album. 

Another- I tried sending this message out only to come to an error page, and therefore the entire thing deleted and I had to start over again. A reminder to always use your "Notes" to draft everything. Everything.

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